Helane's Fine Art

© 2017 Helane Freeman

I discovered my passion for art in my childhood. My best friend was an artist, and I wanted to learn how to draw and paint just like her. I quickly realized I had a knack for creating art; I had only been painting for six months when I sold my first piece at the age of 14. Soon after, my work was being shown in local banks and other businesses around town. Since graduating from Art Center, I've been a professional illustrator and designer, but I'm moving towards working as a fine artist on a permanent, full-time basis.

My fine art style combines my artistic lineage, traceable to Leonardo da Vinci via master/apprentice relationships, with inspiration from the alla prima paintings of Rembrandt and Richard Schmid. My illustrations, influenced by artists as disparate as Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Drew Struzan and Mort Drucker, include an airbrush illustration for The California Raisins album cover that is now part of the Smithsonian Institution's permanent collection.

My media for this current series is oil on canvas, but I also work in acrylics, airbrush and digital media. As a southern California native, I spent many days at the beach and many hours at the Huntington Library, admiring Thomas Gainsborough's The Blue Boy and Thomas Lawrence's Pinkie.

For me, success is having my work adorn the walls of art collector's homes, as well as galleries and museums in California and throughout the world.

Please enjoy my work!
Smiles, Helane